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New Digital Collections

Archives Unbound – Gale Digital Collections

Atkins Library recently acquired four primary source digital collections from Archives Unbound.

Black Economic Empowerment:  The National Negro Business League
Collection of the National Negro Business League, including correspondence and memoranda, itineraries, lists, form letters, reports, press releases, speeches, programs and enrollment forms

In Response to the AIDS Crisis:  Records of the National Commission on AIDS, 1983-1994
Briefing books, hearing and meeting transcripts, reports, and press clippings documenting the activities of the National Commission on AIDS (NCAIDS)

Japanese-American Relocation Camp Newspapers:  Perspectives on Day-to-Day Life
First-person accounts from interned Japanese Americans during World War II

Mountain People:  Life and Culture in Appalachia
Diaries, journals and narratives of explorers, emigrants, military men, Native Americans and travelers to Appalachia

Other Archives Unbound collections accessible through Atkins Library:

Literature, Culture and Society in Depression Era America: Archives of the Federal Writers’ Project

Price Control in the Courts: the U.S. Emergency Court of Appeals, 1941 – 1961

Savings & Loan Crisis: Loss of Public Trust and the Federal Bailout 1989 – 1993

The Greensboro Massacre, 1979:  Shootout between the American Nazis & the Communist Workers Party

City and Business Directories: North Carolina, 1886-1929

The War Department and Indian Affairs, 1800 – 1824

Evangelism in Africa: correspondence of the Board of Foreign Missions, 1835-1910 

Liberation movement in Africa and African America

“We Were Prepared for the Possibility of Death:” Freedom Riders in the South

Colección Revolución, 1910 – 1921

Foreign Relations between Latin America and the Caribbean States, 1930-1944

Foreign Relations between the U.S. and Latin America and the Caribbean States, 1930-1944

Revolution in Mexico, the 1917 Constitution, and Its Aftermath: Records of the U.S. State Department