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Digital Scholarship Lab

Digital Scholarship Lab

From Digital Scholarship Lab Website at UNC Charlotte

The Atkins Library Digital Scholarship Lab  provides expertise, guidance, and education to faculty and graduate students in the use of new and emerging methods and tools available to them to conduct their research.

Below are some of the services available to you and your graduate students.  Workshops will be offered throughout the semester.  REGISTER NOW!

e-Journal Publication Support at the Library

DSL provides support to faculty members who edit journals or who may wish to edit journals.  The library provides a robust content management system that provides a framework with every stage of the refereed publishing process, from submissions through to online publication and indexing.

Contact Somaly Kim Wu for info: skimwu@uncc.edu

Creating Video to Enhance Conference Presentations (iMovie and Moviemaker)

DSL helps faculty and graduate students use iMovie and Moviemaker to create short videos for incorporation into conference presentations.

Contact Debbie Myers for info: dbmyers@uncc.edu

Podcasting Your Scholarship

DSL introduces faculty and graduate students to podcasting as a form of scholarly communication and will provide models of how video and/or audio podcasts can be used to share scholarly communication to build a community of practice or to publicize the work of a department or research team.

Contact Debbie Myers for info: dbmyers@uncc.edu

Data Services and GIS Support

DSL provides support for a wide range of data services, including identifying data sources, data management planning, data archiving strategies, licensing data collections,  and data queries.  DSL also provides GIS support in the form of GIS identifying digital map resources, map projections, tagging (Geocoding support), ArcGIS support, and Google Earth support.

Contact Reese Manceaux for info: ramancea2@uncc.edu

Incorporating Usability Data into Your Research or Grant Project

Usability testing can be done in a wide variety of research contexts, from collecting data for a research study to incorporating usability as a step in a grant or research project.

Contact Marc Bess for info: mcbess@uncc.edu