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Library Instruction

Photo of Students in Library of Congress Reading Room

“Students in the Reading Room of the Library of Congress with the Librarian of Congress, Herbert Putnam…” [1899?] Frances Benjamin Johnston Collection (Library of Congress)

Best Practices for Integrating Library Instruction into your Courses

  • Schedule a library instruction session for a date in the semester when your students will already have been assigned a research paper or project.  Students value library instruction sessions most when they come into it knowing their topic or question and can use the session to get started with their research.
  • Inform your students in advance that they will have time during the library session to find sources for their papers.
  • Provide your librarian with a copy of the assignment so that they are aware of your expectations for sources.
  • If the purpose of the library instruction session is to help students prepare for a paper or assignment, review the assignment with the students in class before the library session, and assign them to submit their topics to you in advance.
  • Students are generally better behaved and more engaged when you are present during library sessions, but if you cannot be present, prepare your students for the library visit and possibly allow the librarian to prepare a quiz.
  • Notify your librarian if you plan to send all of your students to them for help.  One-on-one or group consultations with a librarian are a great way for students to become more successful as researchers.  If all of your students are working with a similar topic, the librarian can create quick online tutorials and research guides to easily assist all of them at the point of need.
  • Not sure why you want your students to have a library session? Contact your subject librarian to discuss ideas.  Library instruction can take many forms.

We want students to have positive experiences with the library, and we can help make that happen by working with you to design intentional library instruction.