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Save citations in JSTOR

You can once again save citations in JSTOR using the newly released “My Lists” feature.  You will first need to create a free MyJSTOR account.  Next, you can either start by creating lists (under MyJSTOR) or begin a search and click on “Add to My Lists”.  You can create lists for specific projects, classes, or topics, and then easily export your citations to citation management programs such as EndNote (free to UNC Charlotte faculty, staff and students) and Zotero, among other tools. For more information, view these  step-by-step instructions from the JSTOR Support Team.


JSTOR Update

Please note that JSTOR has discontinued the Save Citation, Save Search, Track Citations, and Search Alert features.  If you are accustomed to saving articles to your MyJSTOR account, you can contact JSTOR Support through the end of 2015 to request an e-mail with your previously saved citations.

Going forward, JSTOR will allow you to keep track of your citations through other features.  You can continue to e-mail, print, download and save the PDF of articles.  You can also copy preformatted citations, or export your citations to major citation management programs, including EndNote (free to UNC Charlotte faculty, staff and students) and Zotero, among other tools.  You can learn more about changes to JSTOR at the JSTOR Platform Updates page.

Click on “Cite this Item” to copy or export a citation from JSTOR.

JSTOR citation feature

If you would like to learn more about how to use EndNote or Zotero to manage your citations, feel free to contact your Subject Librarian, or attend a free EndNote workshop in the library.