Library Block in Moodle is Back!

You may have noticed when you login to Moodle 2 that there is a “Library Resources” block on the right side of the screen.

You can also add this block to your Moodle course(s); benefits include:

Library Resources Block in Moodle

  • Easy access to course reserves; library catalog, account, and databases; and other library services
  • If you have worked with me (or another subject librarian) to create a research guide for your course, students will have direct access to them
  • You can easily direct students to library resources without having to find and add additional links in Moodle

Try it out this semester and let us know how it works for you! Make sure to contact your subject librarian if you want your course research guide to link to the Library block in your Moodle course(s).

Adding the block to Moodle:

Once you login to Moodle 2, and switch to edit mode, scroll down the left column until you see a box for “Add a Block”.  Simply select “Library Resources” from the drop-down menu.  From there, you can move the box to anywhere on the page.


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