Reading is Research

The following workshop is designed for instructors at UNC Charlotte.

Reading is Research:
Library-Faculty Collaboration for More Meaningful Research Instruction

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
Atkins Library 125
2:00-3:00 pm
Please RSVP to Stephanie Otis ( if you plan to attend

What makes a good researcher? Knowing that the research process involves more than the search for information sources, what steps can we take to improve our students’ critical reading, thinking and writing abilities? This workshop will introduce a collaborative effort between Joyce Dalsheim (Global, International, and Area Studies) and Stephanie Otis (Atkins Library) to teach students the importance of critical reading in the research process and in independent learning.

Tracing backward through the research process most of us have come to take for granted, this workshop offers a set of strategies that shift the focus of research from “search” to “think” and from information gathering to in-depth reading. Dalsheim and Otis have developed a set of strategies for the classroom and for library instruction sessions to model and develop critical reading and thinking with students. The strategies are designed to promote the skills and confidence students need to become independent researchers. Based on a two-year collaborative project, Otis and Dalsheim will present an overview of their approach, and will also introduce specific strategies for honing students’ skills in critical reading and synthesizing material—the basic building blocks of good research. Participants will leave with ideas for incorporating these strategies into their own classes in partnership with the library.


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