Students as Scholars

Part of preparing students to work as the potential scholars of the future is engaging them in the scholarly discussion surrounding the publishing and distribution of scholarly research.  Such discussions can explain why libraries pay thousands of dollars for databases, and they can also introduce the open access movement, and new models for measuring the impact of scholarly work.

photo of award winners

2013 Undergraduate Conference Award Winners

Introduce short discussions in class on the nature of scholarly publishing and use yourself as an example.  All of you have published and some of you even edit journals; explain the process so that students understand why you require and value peer-reviewed or scholarly sources.  Last year I started calling on faculty during library instruction sessions to discuss their own research with their students.  This conversation helps students understand what you do beyond teaching, and it can also get them thinking about whether or not your profession interests them.

You can also use these discussions in class to promote the opportunities that students have to begin their own work as scholars.  The annual UNC Charlotte Undergraduate Research Conference and Graduate Research Symposium are just two opportunities.

Save the Dates:

Open Access Symposium: November 4 and 5, 2013
Undergraduate Research Conference: April 25, 2014


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