UNCC Data Repository

Dataverse Network Project

The UNC Charlotte Atkins Library Dataverse Network is a web-based application to store, publish, share, reference, cite, download, and analyze social science research data. It facilitates making data available to researchers and others. Data authors, publishers, and affiliated institutions all get credit.

Managing research data is a growing interest and concern for researchers as funding agencies move to requiring data management plans in all proposals. NIH has required data sharing plans in their grant proposals since 2003. The NSF released requirements that went into effect in 2011 for their grant proposals to include data management plans. The Dataverse is a solution that satisfies those and other agencies.

A Dataverse Network hosts multiple dataverses. Each dataverse contains studies or collections of studies, and each study contains metadata in addition to the actual data files and corresponding files. The UNC Charlotte data repository resides on the secure and backed-up Dataverse network server at the Odum Institute at UNC Chapel Hill.

The Dataverse Network holds about 40,000 studies with about 720,000+ data files. You can browse or search across all dataverses, and then download the data and complimentary files of studies that you are interested in or would like to replicate. For some datasets, you can download a subset of variables and cases in multiple formats, or perform on-line preliminary analysis using various statistical models. You can also add comments about the data to each study.

Check out the UNC Charlotte Data Collection and consider publishing your own data in the repository.  Questions can be directed to Reese Manceaux in the Atkins Library Digital Scholarship Lab (704-687-1114 or ramancea@uncc.edu).


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