MEF Films

MEF Streaming Media

Atkins Library recently acquired access to MEF (Media Education Foundation) streaming video.  MEF is a multi-disciplinary collection of documentary and educational films with a focus on societies, politics, culture and mass media in America.  Categories of film include The Arts, Business/Training, Media/Communication, Sciences, Humanities, and Teacher Education (K-12).

Other streaming media content that you can incorporate into your courses include several collections from Alexander Street Press and the PBS video collection.

Sharing Videos with Students

All of these films are accessible from off-campus.  Many of these titles are already searchable in the library catalog and will include the permalink to share with your students (ex.

MEF Films in Catalog

Starting from the MEF database, you may also follow the steps below to share links to particular videos in each collection.

3 Steps:
Click on film title, copy URL in browser bar, and add EZproxy to front of URL




EZproxy + URL:

Note: You cannot currently embed these videos into Moodle.

You also have the option of creating and sharing playlists using clips from different videos. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!


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