Prepare for Summer 2013

Now is a good time to begin thinking about the library resources you will need to support your courses for the Summer (and even Fall) sessions.

Course Reserves – The library offers print and electronic reserves to support your coursework.  Submit your request(s) online.  Send questions to

Requesting New Materials – Each department at UNCC is allocated funds to support their coursework.  Contact your library representative to request new materials for the library collection.  Indicate if you need the materials for the summer so that the library representative can submit a RUSH request.

Research Guides – Work with your librarian to create customized online research guides for your classes. Research guides can include links to library databases, websites, and other instructional materials, such as tutorials (ex.

Library Instruction – Schedule a library instruction session to support your students as they prepare for research assignments.  It is best to schedule these sessions for a time in the semester when students will have already chosen a topic and are ready to get started with their research.  Library instruction can be offered in-class or online and can range from 15 minutes to an entire class period.

Follow the blog this summer to learn more about best practices for library instruction and updates to the library collection.

PhotoFeel free to contact me with any questions!  I am the subject librarian for Anthropology, History, Political Science, Public Administration, Public Policy and Latin American Studies at UNC Charlotte.  Not in one of those departments?  Contact your subject librarian; there is one assigned to every department.


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