Data Workshops

New machine to speed up statistics of census of 1940. Washington, D.C., Dec. 2. Harris & Ewing Collection (Library of Congress)

Workshops provided by Atkins Library Digital Scholarship Lab.  Click HERE for a full list of DSL workshops offered this semester.

Overview of the UNC Charlotte Data Repository 
This session is for researchers who have data sets that they wish to publish and share.  The session will be primarily of interest to social science researchers.  There will be a short overview of the evolving concept of research data as a formal product of the research process.  We will briefly discuss methods for making data easy to find and share and citation of data sets.  The session includes an introduction and demonstration of the data repository that is supported at the UNC Charlotte library.

  • Thurs., February 7, Atkins 273, 2-3 pm, Register
  • Weds., March 13, Atkins 273, 11 am-12 pm, Register
  • Tues., April 9, Atkins 273, 2-3 pm, Register

Introduction to Data Resources (for Social Sciences)
This session will provide participants with an overview of the library’s online statistical resources (Census Factfinder, ICPSR datasets, GIS resources). Learn how to download this data into SPSS and ArcMap and incorporate it into your presentations/projects.

  • Tues., January 22, Atkins 273, 2-3 pm, Register
  • Thurs., January 31, Atkins 273, 11 am – 12 pm, Register
  • Thurs., February 28, Atkins 273, 2-3 pm, Register

Introduction to GIS
Learn some of the basic concepts of GIS (Geographic Information Systems), finding geospatial data, and be familiar with some of the basic functions of ArcGIS 10 to create your own thematic maps. Adding data and layers, showing data with symbology, labeling features, and working with attribute tables will be covered.

  • Weds., February 13, Atkins 273, 3-4 pm, Register
  • Thurs., March 14,  Atkins 273, 2-3 pm, Register


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